We have all kinds of wonderful music events at Cafe Cairo; from gentle live harp, to full power energetic gypsy bands and eclectic D.J's.


You can expect music such as Electro swing, world, reggae, dub, folk, cumbia, jazz....


All welcome at Cairo! 


Check weekly listings for what's on...

If you are a diverse and wonderful D.J, or in a small fantastic band, or if you are a promoter of interesting lovely events and would like to do something at Cafe Cairo - feel free to introduce yourself...


Send links and ideas to -

Cafe Cairo is a perfect and affordable music video location! If you want to know more please watch these great music videos and get in touch!




Video 1 - Purson - Leaning On A Bear 

Video 2 - Me and My Friends - Brother 

Video 3 - Jendva Jendva