wed,thurs, fri, sat & sun 6pm - 11pm




 ~ Hand Made ~ 10" ~ Vegetarian Pizzas ~


~ with ~

cherry tomatoes

& fresh basil


Butternut Squash


~ with ~

feta, rocket, pine nuts

& balsamic glaze




~ with ~

walnut, rosemary

& truffle oil




~ with ~

olives, sun-dried tomatoes

& capers


The Kitchen at Cairo


At Café Cairo, our aim is to create a small, delicious pizza with carefully sourced produce.

We work with our community to reduce our carbon footprint.



We have found the greatest dairy in London; Gringa Dairy. This urban dairy, based in Peckham, sources fresh organic milk from Kent and makes us an authentic artisan raw cheese. 

Coming soon – Nut-based Vegan Cheese by Nutkin. It’s made with love, animal free, local, and most importantly - it’s delicious.


Free-from dairy, gluten, soya. Vegan. High in protein and fibre, rich in essential fatty acids and a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Activated nuts are more easily assimilated by the body, so you get more goodness out of each nut. Also, the fermentation promotes digestion.

 Cheese is from local cheese maker ~ 



Holding it all together, are our friends and neighbours; The Post Office Bakery who lovingly make us a batch of traditional organic sourdough daily.


It is then stone-baked at 320° to give a fluffy, crisp texture.


We don’t currently have a gluten free pizza base. (but we can rustle up a pretty awesome salad if you like).


Dough is from Post Office bakery -

Other Ingredients


Olive oil, nuts, olives, capers, tinned tomato, truffle oil

are all supplied by ~


Infinity Foods -

from Langridge organic -