Creamy Iced Coffee

Cappcinno, Latte, Americano etc


Indulgent Hot & Milky 



Fresh Mint Tea

Karkaday (hibiscus flowers)

Yansoon (licorice and aniseed)

Ginger Lemon and Honey


by the Pot

Eastern Hot Chocolate

deep chocolate thickened with vanilla


Sahlab (Cairo Milko)

thick vanilla with coconut,

chopped roasted hazelnuts and sultanas


Chai Latte

spiced and aromatic


Deeper Chocolate

pudding thick chocolate fantasy 


Organic Mood

Tea Infusions


Rise & Shine

mate lemon grass, lemon verbana

Cloud Nine

elderflower lemon grass & apple

Snore & Peace

chamomile lemon balm lavender

Love Me Truly 

light chai tea


From The Medicine Cabinet

Blood Pressure,

Detox, Lung, Headache, Digestive, Green & Black Teas..


Alcoholic Drinks

Mulled cider with honey, nutmeg and cinnamon


Oriental hot chocolate with brandy and cream


Hot toddy with brandy lemon ginger and mint


Hot port - Tailors late bottled port mulled with honey lemon and cloves