Longer drinks

with freshly made mixers


Rum and Ginger

Ginger beer, Mount Gay rum, vanilla & chili


Gin & Pomegranate 

Gin, fresh pomegranate & tonic


Gin & Cucumber

Cucumber, Hendricks gin &tonic


Sloe Gin & Grapefruit

Juice of pink grapefruit, Plymouth sloe gin


Vodka Karkaday (Hibiscus)

Stolichnaya, flowery hibiscus & fresh mint


Bourbon & Lemon Juice

Benchmark No 8, squeezed lemons, honey

& sugar


Campari Orange

Squeezed orange, Campari and grapefruit liqueur


Antica Formula & Apple

Cloudy apple juice, bitter sweet Vermouth & Antica Formula


Short and classy

spirit based drinks stirred down  



Plymouth gin, Campari & Antica Formula


A Little Old Fashioned 

A blend of 3 rums with an orange twist


San Francisco 

Sloe gin, sweet and dry vermouths

& date wine


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Spirit Drinks

churned with crushed ice and tantalising flavours



('Tickly Toe' - Mojitos Mexican Cousin)

Lime, agave, tequila arette blanco, mint &

bitters with an orange twist


Dark 'n' Stormy

Goslings rum, ginger, lime & bitters


Respect The Elders

Gin, elderflour liqueur, mint & honey


Smash 'n' Vlad

Vodka, lemon, raspberry & mint


Quick Fix

Goslings rum, squiggled pineapple, agave  nectar & lime


East Meets West

Bourbon, honey, pomegranate & mint


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House Wine : Prosecco : Mead



Jean De La Roche Merlot 2011

Colli Argento Pinot Grigio 2011

Glass Country Wine  red/white 125cl

Caraffe ¼ ltr    ½ ltr



Valdobbiadene Millesiamato 2011

Mead: Lindisfarne Honey Wine 75cl


In the wine cellar:  fine wines, bio dynamic wines, organic and natural wines and champagne. Please see what we currently have in stock on our list opposite the bar.





Sipping Shots:

Courvoisier Cognac

Diplomatico Rum Reserva Exclusiva

Amaretto Sweet Almond Disaronno Originale

Laphroaig Islay Malt Scotch Whisky

Heering Cherry Liqueur Original


Quick Shots:

Sambuca Molinari



Beer : Cider : Stout


Cassablanca  Lager 

5.0% 330ml  (brewed in Morocco)


Electric IPA  

6.5% 330ml (brewed in Brixton)


Reliance Pale Ale 

4.2% 330ml (brewed in Brixton)


Organic Chocolate Stout 

5% 550ml 

(Samuel Smiths Old Yorksire Brewery)


Wyld Wood  Organic Cider 

6.5% 500ml (light, sparkling, clear)


Hecks Kingston Black

 Tradional Cider 

6.5% 250ml (Somerset style cloudy)

Refreshing Home-Made Soda Drinks 


Sparkling Pomegranate & Lime

Home-made Lemonade

Fresh Ginger & Lime

Karkaday (Hibiscus) Soda

Smoothies & Fruit-Shakes



crushed ice & fruit 


yoghurt, milk & fruit


We make these with fresh fruit so ask what we can make you today!


We can add spirulina

(blue green algae)

Our wonderful wacky Specials change every day!