The Cairo experience is all about hospitality, it's about an alternative to the high street, a fantasy home from home.

Ours is a beautiful cafe/bar/club; a hub of warmth, colour, comfort and entertainment, a myriad of small intimate spaces for rest, work or play.

We are looking to build a community hub a place for conversation… eclectic live music, talks, films, events and parties!

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The Bar


Walking through the front door you will discover an elaborate cafe with exquisite sweets, puddings, hot cocktails, fresh teas, sit up tables, make your own toast and free wifi...

Travellers Lounge


Wondering down the corridor, find the travellers lounge with books, chess, backgammon and a cosy fire.

Shisha Garden


Wondering further in; tucked away at the end is the tranquil yet colourful Shisha garden.

The Magic Tent


The presence of our unique tent, made specially in the bazaars of Cairo, provides a haven for anyone seeking sanctuary; big comfy cushions, blankets and low tables with our little shisha bar. Once a week it transforms into a free cinema!

The Electric Basement


And if you've taken your fill of working, relaxing, preening...

...come down the narrow staircase to the electric basement! Stage, piano and pop up bar the perfect place to let your hair down!

The Grand Tour...

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